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City Administration


  • Applications relating to Cemetery matters:
    1. Transfer of ownership by virtue of:-
      • (a)Request for absolute transfer
      • (b)Request for joint ownership
      • (c)Claim to allotment registered in the name of a deceased person
    2. Sub-division of allotments
    3. Exhumation of corpse
  • Applications for the use of Parks and Squares in Woodbrook, Belmont and Port of Spain
  • Applications for Leases
  • Applications for Change of use/Variation of leases
  • Applications for Tenancy Agreements
  • Applications for use of the Assembly Hall
  • Applications for Consents to assign leases:-
    1. Absolutely
    2. By way of Mortgage
    3. Sub –Lease
  • Processes of tenders for
    1. The Central Tenders Board
    2. The Port of Spain Corporation Tenders Committee
  • Processes claims for personal injuries and vehicular accidents