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Proposed Works

Programme of Works Proposed for the Month of June, 2018 

 Memorandum from the City Engineer forwarding a Programme of Works proposed by various divisions of the Port of Spain Corporation for the month of June, 2018.


That the programme of works proposed to be undertaken by the various divisions of the Port of Spain Corporation for the month of June 2018.

Arising out of discussions, members requested the City Engineer to carry out the

following additional works:-


(i) To asphalt and/or carry out repair at the following locations:-

 Basilon and Lower Quarry Streets


 Richardson Lane (entire lane)


 Duke Street (sink hole)


Queen and Duncan Streets


51 Industry Lane


Lp#3 Pelham Street


26 St. Margaret Lane


 Roslyn Street


 Belmont Circular Road before Observatory Street


Crossing on Cipriani Blvd


French and Gatacre Streets


 French Street and Wrightson Road


 Longden Street


Corner Romeo and Finland Streets



(iv) To carry out miscellaneous works at the following locations:-


Basilon and Lower Quarry Streets


Lewis Street




To repair/paint humps


 Mathura Street To repair carriageway


 4A Myler Street


 Vidale Street (illegal carriageways)




 Jackson Street


 Riley Terrace


 Siparia Hill To cut/chip and


Calvary Hill bag


 Morris Lane


 Pelham Street


 Behind St. Paul Street Complex


 Sobrien Place


 Herbert Street




 Woodbrook and St. James area To cut/trim trees


 28 Siparia Hill To repair manhole covers




Oxford Street (outside Renegades Panyard) To repair bench




 Basilon Street Community Center Bleachers and


Recurring works


Nelson Mandela Park Trees to be pruned.


To fill hole on southern


end near cricket strip


 St. John Street


 David Street To clean entire area


 Quarry and Monsegue Streets


 Laventille Road


3. Progress Report for the Month of May, 2018

3. Memorandum from the City Engineer forwarding a Progress Report as at the end of May, 2018 for the information of members of the Committee.

Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) Status Report 2018.

4. Request for Roadway to be Constructed

4. Letter dated May 14, 2018 from Ministry of Rural Development & Local Government requesting the construction of a roadway for residents at 20A Gonzales Circular Road, Belmont.

Members of Council recommended that the City Engineer submit a report to the Chief Executive Officer and to be forwarded to the Mayor on this matter.