We Gather Strength As We Go Along

City Police



The City Police Department is dedicated to engendering a feeling of safety and security to every citizen, visitor and employee in Port of Spain, consequently providing qualitative endearing and prompt service and maintaining superb standards within the Port of Spain City Police Service while consulting with the wider community.


To protect while serving the best interest of the burgesses, business community and visitors to the city of Port of Spain.


  • Enforcing City Corporation Bye-laws, Municipal Corporation Act and all other laws of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Installing effective democratic and international best practiced policing mechanisms.
  • To manage preempt the commission of crime, investigate all reports involving City Corporation’s property and apprehend criminals.
  • Maintaining a consistent level of prosecution of offenders to act as a deterrent for criminals and to reduce the numbers of crime committed within the precincts of the City.
  • To enhance the department’s customer relations and retained public trust and confidence.
  • Further develop and enhance the department’s welfare /community policing section and other sections in an effort to partnership with the community.
  • To develop further collaboration with other law enforcement agencies to improve operational and organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To further develop the department’s workforce and technology thereby making better use of resources, achieving substantial additional improvements in efficiency and productivity.



The key issues to be noted is the wider discussions contained in this strategic plan which includes a commitment to:

Target and Focus
    • City Police Plan on core operational policing to increase safety and reduce crime. Prioritizing crime and safety or reoccurring crime and security problems, repeated offenders, victims on high impact volume crimes.
Build Partnerships and Community Engagement
    • With central and local government, non-governmental organization, communities’ local authorities, individuals, emphasis will be placed on collaborating with and supporting all partners and agencies to play their role to achieve common objectives.
Use problem solving
    • and intelligence approaches together with good basic democratic policing principles in tackling this mandate.
Continue to build a skilled and professional
    • workforce of capable officers, with emphasis on integrity, capability, leadership and management skills as a basic strategy and retaining skilled staff in core operational roles.
Allocate resources
    • based on priority and changing needs locally and nationally


Monitor and Evaluate
    • Determine what is effective by creating a culture that challenges, consults and compares what City Police officers do to find the most effective best practices to achieve the desired result.
Summary of Objectives and Outputs
  • The under mentioned information is a summary of objectives and outputs in the table below representing the main strategic thrusts or the priority areas of the specific ……needed to fulfill the objectives of the mission of the City Police Service in keeping with the goals and objectives of the Port of Spain Corporation during the next three years.