We Gather Strength As We Go Along



To increase the level of security for the City Corporation’s property and safety of burgesses and general public. Prevention and detection of crime, apprehension and prosecution of offenders to enhance public confidence and satisfaction with services rendered by the City Police Service.

  • To reduce the level of street vending and other major crimes etc, to be conducted by 2012.
  • Prioritize crime prevention action plan to be completed by 2011.
  • Overall reduction of crime level by 40%by 2012.
  • Monthly media education on public safety and crime prevention measures by 2012.
  • Reduction in the numbers of City Corporation’s lost/stolen property by 2012. Operations
  • Increase frontline policing time 10% each year Reports/Incidents.
  • Increase prosecution of illegal vending, traffic and other offences by 65%.
  • Increase in community neighborhood spot patrol/ Arrest each year.
  • Increase police presence around City Hall and other City Corporation‘s institution each year.
  • 15% increase in completion of investigated repots of lost/stolen Corporation properties and other reports.
  • 15% increase in foot and mobile patrols within the City.

To improve City Police Service delivery capacity for world class policing services to communities. Human resource recruitment, training and development internal management. Capacity physical infrastructure, financial capacity, development and systems improvement.

    • Full implementation of second three-year City Police Plan 2011-2014.
    • Recruitment of additional two hundred (200) staff to add to sanctioned strengthen of one hundred and twenty-four (124) totaling three hundred and twenty-four (324).
    • Provision of adequate vehicles, equipment funds etc.
    • Provision of training and development for all staff one every year.
    • Provisions of better working conditions (new police station) by 2012.

Task Force

    • Increase of 30% staff by 2012.
    • Training for Task Force officers, provisions of IT equipment for the department and staff by 2012.

Human Resource

Provision of staff development and training courses as follows:

    • Basic recruit training for junior officers by 2012.
    • In service training for senior officers and intermediate level by 2012.
    • Firearm training every three months for all officers yearly.
    • IT training for all officers yearly.

Installation of Maintenance, Management of Policy and Action Plan.

  • Half yearly inspection and maintenance of station.
  • Monthly inspection of police vehicles.
  • Monthly inspection of police equipment.

To acquire relevant modern ICT Technology Deliver World Class Police Services.

  • Implementation of IT modernization plan 2011-2014
  • Acquisition and installation of IT equipment budgeted for plan.
  • Training of IT teams for Units and users of the IT equipment.
  • Preparation and implementation of regular maintenance plan or program for all officers.

To establish closer and more mutually beneficially working relationships with Administration/Councillors and external stakeholders to improve public image and partnerships with the police.

  • City Police public relation, security ……… visits contacts with selected stakeholders. ….. through plan period.
  • Public community meetings, education campaigns monthly.
  • Increase welfare section and community policing unit.