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City Treasurer


T he City Treasurer’s Department is the financial hub of the Port of Spain Corporation. Its operations are carried out by fifty eight (58) members of staff and are subdivided into ten (10) sections as follows-:

  • Accountant 111
  • Budgets
  • Funds Accountant
  • Ledgers
  • Abstracts
  • Payroll
  • National Insurance
  • Check Staff
  • Accounts Payables
  • Administration



The City Treasurer is responsible for the following-:

  • 1. The overall Management of the City Treasurer’s Department
  • 2. Ensuring that all external and internal Financial Reports are submitted within the required deadline.
  • 3. Signing off the Financial Statements
  • 4. Working with the Accountant 11 in preparation of the annual estimates
  • 5. Monitoring the spending patterns of the entire corporation to avoid overspending or underspending
  • 6. Ensuring that all employees are paid on the stipulated paydates
  • 7. Supplying information of a financial nature that is requested by Council through the Chief Executive Officer
  • 8. Supplying documents and giving explanations to external and internal auditors during an audit
  • 9. Supervising and dealing with problems that staff may be experiencing
  • 10. Second signatory on vouchers
  • 11. second signatory on cheques
  • 12. Approving requisitions for Minor equipment and Development Programme


The Accountant 111 is responsible for the following-:

  • 1. Preparation of the Financial statements
  • 2. Approving Recurrent Requisitions up to a limit of $25,000.00
  • 3. First signatory on vouchers
  • 4. First signatory on cheques
  • 5. Investigating and reconciling balances on the General ledger Accounts
  • 6. Preparation of Monthly Statements for the Crematorium, Assembly Hall, Tennis Court and Public Conveniences
  • 7. Maintaining Cash book for the Mayor’s General Fund
  • 8. preparation of the reconciliation statement for Mayor’s General Fund
  • 9. Supervising officers in charge of the Cashier’ Cage, Abstracts and Accountant 11 on Funds Accounts.


The Accountant 11 Budgets is responsible for the following-:

  • 1. Preparation of Monthly Revenue and Expenditure Statements
  • 2. Requesting Releases on a quarterly basis
  • 3. Request any other adhoc releases after the quarterly releases have been requested
  • 4. Work together with the Treasurer in Preparing projections at the beginning of a financial year
  • 5. Prepares Vote Allocation and submit to Vote Book Clerk at the start of the financial year
  • 6. Work together with the treasurer in preparing Mid Year Review Statement
  • 7. Work together with the Treasurer in preparing Recurrent Estimates
  • 8. First Signatory on Vouchers
  • 9. First signatory on cheques
  • 10. Prepares Bank Reconciliation for the Central Bank Account
  • 11. Prepares VAT Statement


The Accountant 11 in Charge of Funds Accounts is responsible for the following

  • 1. First Signatory on Vouchers
  • 2. First Signatory on Cheques
  • 3. Maintain Cash Books for Road Improvement, Infrastructural Development Fund, Abercrombie Fund and Fixed Deposits Accounts.
  • 4. Maintain Revenue and Expenditure Abstracts for Road Improvement and Infrastructural Development Fund
  • 5. Reconcile Central Bank Account Statements from the General ledger against the Vote Books
  • 6. Prepares Bank Reconciliations for Infrastructural Development Fund and Road Improvement Fund Accounts
  • 7. Prepares Financial Statements for Infrastructural Development Fund and Road Improvement Fund Accounts


The Cashiers Cage is responsible for the following:

  • 1. Revenue Collection
    • Rents
    • Fees
    • Rates & Taxes
    • Licences
    • Disposals
    • Recoverable Receipts
    • Miscellaneous
  • 2. Accounting for all Revenue and Expenditure in Daily Cash Book
  • 3. Entering all Revenue Collected and all Expenditure incurred in the General ledger
  • 4. Scheduling of all vouchers to be processed for payment in the relevant Green Books
  • 5. The disbursement of all cheques issued on behalf of the Corporation
The Ledgers Section is responsible for maintaining accounting ledgers for all properties in the City of Port of Spain with respect to the following:-

  • House Rates
  • Land Rent
  • Emptying cesspits
  • Recoverable Receipts

House Rates Charges are posted to Property Owners Account in May of each year. Any rates which are unpaid on July 31st shall be surcharged and increased by 10% and if the rate remains unpaid on the 31st July of the following year, it shall be further increased by 10%.

Where the rate or any part thereof remains unpaid for a period of two years, the Chief Executive Officer shall cause the hereditament to be sold in accordance with the provisions of the Rates and Charges recovery Act.

Land Rent is posted monthly into Property Owner Accounts. However the Port of Spain Corporation facilitates Property Owners by allowing them to prepay on their account. As such even though the charges are posted monthly, a person can pay for the entire year at one time, to avoid the inconvenience of paying each month.

Emptying Cesspit is posted as the charge is incurred. Property Owners who wishes to have their cesspit cleaned can visit the Public Health Department and make a request to do so. You would be required to pay a small fee for this service, in the event that you have paid and it is impossible to clean the cesspit you would be refunded the monies paid

Recoverable Receipt Charges are posted as the charge is incurred. The Port of Spain Corporation charges a small fee to issue permits to block footpaths and to build carriageways. They also charge a fee for the clearing of bushes. If your Property is overgrown and is posing a threat to residents and you refuse to clean it, the Corporation would clear the property and a charge would be posted on your account.

Property owners in the City of Port of Spain can obtain information with respect to

  • Rates and Taxes payable for any given year
  • Outstanding arrears on their property
  • Prepayment made on their accounts

For a small fee of $11.50 Property Owners can obtain

  • Statement of arrears on their properties
  • Statement indicating proof of payment
The Abstracts section is responsible for the following:-

  • 1. Checking to ensure that all payment vouchers and revenue are accounted for under the correct accounts in the General Ledger
  • 2. Preparation of all Revenue Journal Entries to correct errors on the account
  • 3. Preparation of the Monthly Reconciliation Bank Statements
  • 4. Filing of all Payment vouchers
  • 5. Submitting Revenue and VAT Statements to Accountant111 and Accountant 11
The payroll section is responsible for the preparation of paysheets as follows:-

  • 1. Salaries and Cola – Monthly Paid Employees
  • 2. Wages and Cola – Daily Rated Workers
  • 3. Pensions and Cola – Retired Monthly Paid Officers
  • 4. Mayors and Councillors
  • 5. All Back Pay Arrears resulting from new negotiations

A payroll is prepared in accordance with the following:-

  • Instructions to pay Wages are received via authorizing time sheets from the various supervisors of the Daily Paid Workforce. These time sheets are certified by Work Supervisors and Heads of Departments before they are processed for payment
  • Instructions from the Human Resource Department with respect to the payment of sick leave, casual leave, increments, sick leave bonus etc.
  • Instructions from the Statutory Authorities Service Commission
  • All Governing Regulations. Such as the Terms and conditions of services, CPO Circulars, Finance Circulars, Financial Regulations, Financial Instructions and the Ex Chequer and Audit Act.
The NIS Section is responsible for the following:

  • 1. Ensuring that all employees of Port of Spain Corporation has an NIS Number
  • 2. Maintaining NIS records for all employees
  • 3. Ensuring that all NIS, Health Surcharge, Paye and Group Health Cheques are sent to the relevant agencies
  • 4. Handle all NIS queries from employees
The Check Staff Unit is responsible for the following:-

  • 1. Checking all Payment Vouchers to be passed for payment
  • 2. Checking edits for payroll
  • 3. Checking all acting and increment calculations.
  • 4. Checking all Revenue receipts to ensure that they are entered correctly in the General Ledger
  • 5. Checking the Cash Book to ensure that all Revenue and Expenditure are brought into account.
The Accounts Payables Unit is responsible for:

  • 1. Writing up all Vouchers for payment
  • 2. Maintaining a Creditors ledger
  • 3. Maintaining a loans Register
  • 4. Dealing with queries from suppliers with respect to payments
The Administration section of the City Treasurer’s Department is responsible for the following-:

  • 1. Registering and filing of all incoming and outgoing documents
  • 2. Typing of documents
  • 3. Scheduling of all vouchers in Voucher Books
  • 4. Writing up of all cheques
  • 5. Issuing of all receipt books
  • 6. Maintaining a Cheque Register
  • 7. Distributing Stationery
  • 8. Filing all completed receipt books
  • 9. Dispatching documents both inside and outside the Port of Spain Corporation
  • 10. Preparing requisitions/Service orders
  • 11. Ordering receipt books/time sheets and tickets for the use of public conveniences
  • 12. Responsible for the repair and maintenance of machinery.

Revenue cycle

Rates And Taxes Cycle

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Market And Abattoir Revenue Cycle

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