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POSC Disaster Unit

The Disaster Management Unit of Port of Spain Corporation
Office Location

#129, Quarry Street, Port of Spain

Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. On Call: 24/7

Contact Us

Telephone No.: 623-5092 Fax: 623-5092 Email: ppcdmu@gmail.com


Disaster Management Co-ordinator: Mr. Keith Cook

Field Officers: Ms. Natasha Nathaniel

Mr. Judah Martin

The Disaster Management Unit was fully established at Port of Spain Corporation in the year 2009 with its main objective to make the City of Port of Spain self sufficient in disaster preparedness.


To provide for a comprehensive emergency management programme that meets the need of those who may have been or might be affected by an emergency or major disaster within the city boundaries.

Disaster Management Co-ordinator

To perform managerial work in recording, designing; planning; co-ordinating and evaluation all activities related to disaster management relevant to Port of Spain Corporation in collaborating with other stake holders

Field Officers

To collate; analyse and make recommendations on information relating to all phases of disaster management within Port of Spain.

Communication Technician

To develop and maintain an effective communication program.

Organizational Structure

The Disaster Management Unit is a department of Port of Spain Corporation and is headed by the Chief Executive Officer.


  • Port of Spain Corporation – all Divisions
  • Community Environmental and Protection Enhancement Programme (C.E.P.E.P.)
  • County Medical Officer of Health
  • Down Town Merchant Association (DOMA)
  • Foundation for the Enhancement & Enrichment of Life (FEEL)
  • Global Medical Response of Trinidad & Tobago (GMRTT)
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Community Development
  • Ministry of The People and Social Development
  • Ministry of Works and Infrastructure (Drainage Division)
  • Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC)
  • Radio Emergency Communications Teasm (R.E.A.C.T.)
  • Routes 1 and 2 Maxi Taxi Association
  • Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL)
  • St. Anns’ Taxi Drivers’ Association
  • Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
  • Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service
  • Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard
  • Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Division
  • Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force
  • Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society
  • Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission – District North
  • Transit Police
  • The Salvation Army
  • Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA)

Port of Spain Egress Plan

This Plan was a collaborated effort of the stakeholders along with personnel from ODPM.

  • If egress becomes necessary due to severe flooding, persons who are indoors will shelter-in-place, preferably on high ground, monitor radio and television broadcasts, until it is deemed safe by the Incident Commander for them to leave the building. This applies to all workers and students.
  • The Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) and all Ministries will make the necessary provisions for shelter-in-place operations that exceed the stipulated school and work hours respectively.
  • The transient population requiring public transport to leave the City will be encouraged to make their way to one of the loading bays or transport hubs identified below.
  • Those persons leaving the city via private vehicles will follow the directions provided below.

The outline of the egress routes are noted below

Loading Bay
  • Woodford Square (Primary)
  • Victoria Square (Alternative)
Transport Hubs
      • West Hub – Movie Towne (Primary)
      • West Hub – Hasely Crawford Stadium (Alternative)
      • East Hub – VMCOTT (Primary)
      • East Hub – EWMSC (Alternative)
      • North Hub – Wild Flowers Park (Primary)
      • North Hub – King George V Park (Alternative)

Exit Port of Spain utilising designated egress routes. Persons entering or leaving Port of Spain to the west will use Tragarete Road through St James. They can also use Long Circular Road through St James. Persons entering or leaving Port of Spain to the east will use the Lady Young Road or Belmont Circular Road. Alternatively, the Santa Cruz Road can also be used. No private vehicle will be allowed south of Duke Street.
As much as is reasonably possible, persons travelling to go to communities on the outskirts of Port of Spain, that is, Belmont, St Clair, St James, Cascade, Maraval Woodbrook, Newtown and East Port of Spain are encouraged to walk if possible.
After the egress of the transient population and the ALL CLEAR instruction is given, persons sheltering-in-place will be given the option to leave the city, if they so desire. At this point the transportation system within the city will return to its normal operations.
Persons who are unable to get to the hubs, designated emergency vehicles will stop at pre-determined locations along the emergency routes outlined.

Special Considerations Traffic lights along these routes will blink red, yellow and green simultaneously to indicate its use as an emergency route. However, emergency vehicles must still approach with caution.

Private vehicles wishing to enter Port of Spain via the Churchill Roosevelt Highway MUST exit at the Churchill Roosevelt Highway Churchill Roosevelt Highway/Uriah Butler Highway junction and continue their journey along the Eastern Main Road to Morvant Junction. The same holds for persons leaving south Trinidad going into Port of Spain.

The St. James and St. Ann’s taxis will stop at Park Street return to north Port of Spain via Henry Street. Passengers will then walk to Woodford Square.

Co-ordinators will be stationed at each hub and bus stop.

All emergency routes are to be used by emergency vehicles ONLY.

The east bound lane of the Beetham Highway, is designated for emergency vehicles only.

Directed west along the Beetham Highway, the left lane should be designated for the ingress of emergency response vehicles only.

If there is severe flooding in Port of Spain, the following instructions should be adhered to:-
  • ALL workers and school children would shelter in place. That is, stay indoors, if possible, move to an upper floor and monitor radio and television broadcast.
  • Persons who live in Belmont; East Dry River; Cascade; St. Anns; Woodbrook would be advised to proceed on foot.
  • Persons who live outside of Port of Spain and need to return to their homes are to proceed to either – Hart Street (near Woodford Square); Movie Towne or Wild Flower Park (near Ministry of Agriculture) where they would be transported by bus.
  • No vehicular traffic would be allowed “SOUTH” of Duke Street. Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service would be on hand to assist.
  • Persons wishing to leave the City in their vehicle would be instructed of the route by the Police.

NB: All other streets will retain their normal orientation with respect to traffic flow. All interactions and traffic control points would be manned by the T&T Police Service and Defence Force.

Upcoming Events

From 30th April to 4th May 2012 & From 15th to 18th May 2012

Mr. Keith Cook Disaster Management Co-ordinator Phone Nos.: 793-1862/623-5092