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Property Management





The City of Port-of-Spain is the capital of our twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago and is over two hundred (200) years old. The Port-of-Spain Corporation is the oldest government institution in our country and is responsible for the affairs of the capital City. One of its responsibilities is the collection of land rent charges on properties belonging to the Corporation. These properties are known as leasehold lands and are a major source of revenue to the institution.

THE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT OFFICE The Woodbrook Estate Office, which is located in the City Assessor’s Department on the First Floor at City Hall in Port-of-Spain, is responsible for maintaining all documents and records pertaining to leasehold properties and land rent charges. The Property Manager heads the Section and has one employee – a Clerk I. Documents pertaining to leasehold properties are stored in fire proof cabinets in the Woodbrook Estate Office. These include Leases – which are filed by year, Tenancy Agreements and Assignments – which are both filed in alphabetical order according to street names. All information about these leasehold properties are recorded in a paper based ledger system that dates back to the 1940’s. Such information include property owners names, addresses, lease numbers and dates, effective dates of the leases, life span of leases, annual and monthly land rent charges, and use of leases whether Residential, Commercial or Mixed.

N.B. A lease year commences from the effective date of the lease and lasts for twelve months. A calendar year begins in January and ends in December.
The Woodbrook Estate Office is responsible for disseminating information on leasehold properties to several departments and sections within the Port-of-Spain Corporation that are dependent on the information recorded and stored in the Woodbrook Estate Office:
  • The City Engineer’s Department where employees need verification on the names of owners on various properties.
  • The Public Health Department where Public Health Inspectors may need to find out the particular use of a property – Residential, Commercial or Mixed. They may also need to find out if there is a lease and if it is expired or not.
  • The Assessor’s Department whose workers sometimes need to locate the owner/s of a property and therefore request contact information such as an address or telephone number for the property owner/s.
  • The Ledgers Section in the City Treasurer’s Department is responsible for property account information and requires yearly and monthly land rent charges for all leasehold properties. This information is passed on in the form of a quarterly worksheet printout for properties in Woodbrook Estate, yearly worksheet printouts for properties in Gonzales Estate, Cocorite Farm and Other Rents. Worksheets for properties with Long Leases are also printed on a yearly basis and passed on to the Ledgers Section.
  • At the City Administration Department owners apply for Renewal of Lease, Change of Use, Transfer of Tenancy, Surrender and Grant of New Lease and Consent to Assign. Employees within this department therefore need information on leases such as owner name, lease number and date, lifespan of lease and expiry date of lease. These applications are forwarded to the property Manager who is responsible for writing reports either recommending or not recommending requests made through these applications.
  • Members of the public such as owners of the properties, executors, administrators and attorneys also seek information such as owners names, expiry dates and to find out the status of their application.