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Public Health

Health Inspectors at work


The Public Health Department of the Port of Spain Corporation has a responsibility to ensure the abatement of all environmental health problems which can be hazardous or injurious to human health. The scope of authority is confined to Port of Spain and environs.

The Public Health Department is located at the City Hall on the Corner of Frederick Street and Knox Street, Port of Spain. The entrance to the department is located on Frederick Street, adjacent to the car park entrance.

This authority is supported by the Public Health Ordinance Chapter 12. No.4. of 1940 and Bye Laws No. 44 and 156. The Act was revised in 1950 and is supported by the Litter Act of 1979.

The following offices are located on the first floor:

  • Principle Medical and Health Officer
  • Chief Public Health Inspector
  • Clerk IV
  • Public Health Administrative Staff
  • Port of Spain Corporation Clinical Services
  • Port of Spain Corporation Ambulance Unit

The following officers are located on the second floor:

  • Senior Public Health Inspector
  • District Public Health Inspectors
  • Health Education Unit
  • Public Health Nurses

Other branches of the Public Health Department are located in the following areas:

  • Vector Control Division – George Cabral Circular Road, St. James.
  • Night Soil Unit and Canine Unit – Abattoir Road, Port of Spain.
  • Port of Spain Corporation Abattoir – Abattoir Road, Port of Spain.
  • Litter Prevention Unit – Central Market, Abattoir Road, Port of Spain.

Services offered to the public at City Hall include:

Processing of Food Handler’s Badges

Mondays and Thursdays from 8:30am to 11:00am.


  • Identification Card/Passport
  • Medical certificate
  • a fee of $60.00
  • Attendance of a food safety lecture.

Immunization Clinic

Fridays from 8:00am to 11:00am

  • Payment for cleaning of pit latrines and septic tank/soak away system.
  • Applications for registration of food premises and liquor licences.

The staff of the department interface with other departments in the organization, the council, the burgesses and other stakeholders.


To advance the department as the leader in the field of environmental health in the city. Thereby creating a safe and healthy environment for burgesses and persons who traverse the city.


To improve the health status of individuals, families, the environment and the community, by providing Health and Environmental Services.


The department is headed by the Principal Medical Officer of Health (on contract) and there are eleven units namely, Clinic, Health Visitors, Administrative, Inspectorate, Insect and Vector Control, Waste Disposal, Ambulance, Abattoir, Canine Control, Health Education and Public Conveniences.

These units comprise two hundred and thirty – one (231) persons, of whom are sixty-seven (67) monthly paid officers and one hundred and sixty – three (163) daily rated employees.


Functions of the PHI
  • Inspection of Food Establishments
  • Inspection of Schools, Nurseries, Kindergartens
  • Inspection of Parks, Playgrounds
  • Inspection of Institutions such as Crematorium, Western Cemetery, Transport and Cleansing Department



  • Inspection of Vacant Lots
  • Inspection of Building Plans
  • Inspection of Water Applications
  • Inspection of over the counter drugs



  • Inspection of Residential Premises
  • Inspection of Water Courses within the City of Port of Spain.
  • Inspection of Commercial Premises
  • Inspection of Cinemas
  • Inspection of Home for the Aged


Criteria for obtaining a Food Badge to work within the City of Port of Spain.
  • 2 forms of ID
  • A medical certificate from a medical practitioner
  • 2 passport size photos


Criteria for opening a food establishment in Port of Spain
  • The premises must have approval for commercial use by Town and Country Planning Division.
  • A detailed plan showing the layout of the proposed operation.
  • An inspection must be conducted by the District Public Health Inspector to ensure that the premises is approved under the Public Health Regulation for the sale of food
  • A registration certificate will be issued to the owner at a cost once all criteria are met by the Public Health Department.

For further enquires


623-6881 (Direct Line)

or 623-1121

(ext. 293-296)


Sale Of Food Only

  • (1_3) Employees


Sale Of Food Only

  • (4-7) Employees


Sale Of Food Only

  • (8 or more) Employees


Sale Of Liquor Only

  • Liquor Only


Sale Of Liquor And Food

  • Liquor And Food
The primary function of this Unit is to monitor all the Public Conveniences in a clean and sanitary manner and in a state of good repair.

These Units are located along the Brian Lara Promenade and within Woodford Square.

The hours available for use are:

6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. – Brian Lara Promenade 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. – Woodford Square

There is a cost of $1.00 attached for use of this facility.

The function of this Unit is emptying of septic tanks and cesspits, washing and sanitizing of the City Streets.


  • Pits – $100.00
  • Cesspits – $200.00
  • Out of City – $400.00

(pits or cesspits)

There is a waiting period of 8-10 days after payment for the emptying of pits or cesspits.

The primary function of the Unit is to prevent the transmission of insect and vector borne diseases in Port of Spain. Disinfestation teams from the Unit perform environmental health surveillances throughout the city and conduct inspections of residential, commercial and public properties.

This Unit offers free services to the public for the eradication of mosquitoes, rodents an fleas.

The vector control officers continue to perform house to house inspection aimed at reducing mosquito and rodent infestation.

Contact – 622-9882

  • Transportation of injured/sick persons in the city to hospitals
  • Transportation of socially displaced individuals to St. Ann’s Mental Hospital
  • The provision of ambulance services at special events
This Unit’s primary functions are antemortem and postmortem examinations of animals.

This Unit is located on the outskirts of City Gate

Contact – 623-4407

This Unit removes stray dogs from the streets of Port of Spain Contact – 623-4407
  • Lectures to Food Handlers
  • Lectures to Food Establishments
  • Lectures to Schools, Businesses, Communities

Public Health Visitors (nurses) are currently visiting day care facilities and senior citizens’ homes.

Contact – 623-1121 ext. 262 (for appointments)


The processing of documents for statistics of the number of births and deaths within Port of Spain on a monthly basis.

Litter prevention wardens continue to patrol areas of Port of Spain on a daily basis.

Outreach immunisation programmes continue on a request basis only.