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Health Education Unit


The Health Education Unit is the health educating arm of the Public Health Department, Port of Spain Corporation


  • Public Health Educator II
  • Public Health Educator I
  • Audio Video Aids Officer
  • Motor vehicle Driver/ Operator

Services Offered

  • Schools
  • Community
  • Businesses
  • Food Handlers/ Establishments
  • Workshops/ Seminars
  • Registration Certificates (Food Establishments)
  • Carnival Permits
  • Certificates for other Port of Spain Corporation departments
  • Workers ID’s
  • Corporation’s special events
  • Corporation’s statutory meetings
  • Courtesy visits to CEO, Mayor
  • Requests by other Corporation departments
  • Leaflets
  • posters
  • booklets on Public Health concerns
  • Food handlers Badges
  • medical (forms could be downloaded)
  • identification- PP,ID, DP
  • Photo at City Hall
  • Cost $60.00
  • attend lecture
  • School Health Education programmes
  • Community health outreach
  • Business, Government health education programmes (by request)
  • Food Handlers/ Establishment lectures
  • Conduct Workshops/ seminars on current and other health issues
  • In-house training of staff on public health issues
  • Work in conjuction with Health Education Division, Ministry of Health, National Aids Programme etc.. in promoting health education
  • Partner with Government, non- Government agencies in Public Health related observances, promotions, workshops, seminars.
  • Lectures to Food Handlers
  • Lectures at Food Establishments
  • Lectures at Schools, Businesses, Communities
  • In house training for staff on current Health issues
  • Laminating Services
  • Photography
  1. Registration Certificates (Food Establishments)
  2. Carnival Permits
  3. Certificates for other departments

a) Corporation’s Monthly Statutory Meetings

b) Courtesy visits to CEO, Mayor

c) Special events eg. City Day

d) Requests by other departments

e) Work IDs

  1. Food Badge Requirements
    1. Medical
    2. ID, PP, DP
    3. $60.00
  2. Food Establishment/Food Handlers Lectures
    1. Lecture notes
  3. Current Health Concerns
    1. Dengue Link to sites eg. WHO, Ministry of Health
    2. Foot and Mouth
  4. Communicable Diseases
    1. Listing Link to sites
  5. Non-Communicable Diseases
    1. Listing Link to sites