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Public Health Inspectors

Public Health Inspectors

About Us

The Public Health Inspectorate comprises of professionals whose objective is to provide proactive measures to ensure the surroundings that people lives in is maintained in a safe and healthy condition.

1. Routine premises inspections a. To identify nuisances b. To abate nuisances c. To ensure compliance by burgesses d. To ensure maintenance of environmental conditions
a. Complaints between neighbors i. Littering ii. Waste Water/Water Pollution iii. Animals in such numbers to cause a nuisance iv. Storage of Waste v. Collection of water b. Complaints of Commercial Businesses i. Littering ii. Air pollution iii. Water Pollution
a. Inspection and registration of Food Premises b. Inspection and registration of premises containing liquor c. Inspection of Schools d. Inspection of Homes for the Aged e. Inspection of Funeral Homes f. Inspection of Garages g. Inspection of Barber Salons/Beauty Parlor
a. Water Sampling b. Food Sampling
a. Fetes b. Festivals/Fairs c. Concerts
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a. Dengue b. Yellow Fever c. Malaria
a. Approval of Building Plan b. Granting Completion Certificates
a. Maintenance of Property b. Maintenance of Approved Lease
a. Serving of notices to overgrown vacant lot owners b. To take action to remove accumulation of refuse etc.
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a. Interview applicants for food badge b. Lecture to Food Handlers

1. Maintenance of Sanitary Services
a. Carnival
b. Special Events
d. FIFA Women’s under 17

1. Office of Disaster Preparedness

2. Occupational Safety and Health Agency